Seguiamo con cura e attenzione ogni fase della produzione

rete adagiata ai piedi di un ulivo per la raccolta delle olive


oliva verde in primo piano


processo di estrazione dell'olio extravergine di oliva Brogna


olio extravergine di oliva viene versato in una piccola ciotola di vetro


Harvesting Olives
Processing Olives
Storage of Olives
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salad Olive Dressing
Natural Cosmetics
antico frantoio in primo paino e due bottiglie di olio sulla destra

Oil Mill

Production is the core of our company. It is there that we focus our year’s work to ensure that our products are always one step ahead of others.
Brogna oil is an Organic oil without compromise, widely supported not only our attentions but the Organic Certification recognized on all international markets

100% organic extra virgin olive oil

We demand that every field reflect the furrow traced in a century of work, that is, never compromise on the quality of our oil, claiming firmly a lifetime of experience and sacrifice for a fundamental product of our Made In Italy.

Our products

From the field to the table

For our customers only extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.