Olive oil from organic cultivation

Organic is a lifestyle, as well as one of the best ways to preserve our agriculture and our health. A product free of pesticides, which represent a guarantee for our customers. An Organic oil without compromise, widely supported not only our attentions but the Organic Certification recognized on all international markets.
grappolo di olive nere da coltivazione biologica
ampolla di olio extravergine di oliva ottenuto dalle varietà Grossa di Cassano, Tondina e Carolea

Characteristics and properties of the Brogna oil

Our olives are milled in the period from October to December. The cultivars used, such as Grossa di Cassano, Tondina and Carolea, allow us to offer our customers oils that are always delicate in taste, but which are well structured to deal with the most varied tastes, while avoiding being too bitter or too sweet. The perfect mix of young and secular olive trees makes our production as variegated, giving us the possibility to change on the basis of the degree of maturity of the olives, the most suitable times to pick one land than another.
due olive verdi con alcune foglie di ulivo

The origins of Brogna oil

We guarantee maximum transparency on the chain of production thanks to the oil tracking system
piccola bottiglia di olio extravergine di oliva con olive, pepe in grani e foglie di ulivo intorno

From the field to the table

For our customers only extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality