Our history

The history of Olearia Sibaritide began a long time ago, precisely in 1909, when Oronzo Brogna moved from Salento to the Plain of Sibari to start a small oil mill business.

With Grandfather Salvatore the real farming activity was started, being able with the first savings to buy small fields that allowed his son Mario, and today his grandson Francesco, to transform a small farming reality into an important reality of the Calabrian territory.

Today the oil of Brogna family’s is consumed by thousands of families all over the world, having established a presence in the most important international markets during the years.

Being among the first Italian oil-producing families to believe in organic agriculture ( late 1980s-early 1990s ) , the history of the Brogna family develops simultaneously with that of our production area , the Plain of Sibari, one of the most widely developed agricultural areas in Southern Italy, widely known for the fertility of its soils and for its propensity to all kinds of crops, with a particular vocation for Oliviculture.

vecchia foto di Oronzo e Domenica Brogna
vecchia foto di Salvatore Brogna

Our values

We have been cultivating our land and producing our oil for more than 100 years with the same care and thoughtfulness that great-grandfather Oronzo had in planting his first olive trees.

We demand that every field reflect the furrow traced in a century of work, that is, never compromise on the quality of our oil, claiming firmly a lifetime of experience and sacrifice for a fundamental product of our Made In Italy.


olio extravergine di oliva viene versato in una piccola ciotola di vetro

Each Oil on tasting wants to transfer a remembrance, a special scent…Tomato, Freshly cut grass, Wild thistle.

A delicate taste that can match all dishes. Autochthonous varieties the true centerpiece of our productions.


mani con olive dopo la raccolta

Respect for the environment, the cycle of nature and the sustainability of our systems are the cornerstones of our work.

For this reason, our plant is suitably covered by solar panels, and the heating of the indoor areas is done by reusing waste products from the production stage.

Meet Our Team

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Megan Gilbert

Olive Oil Sommelier

Patricia Hawkins

Olive Oil Sommelier

Jessica Ford

Olive Oil Expert

Janice Marshall

Olive Oil Sommelier